Pretoria Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Kruger Family

I am a Pretoria Lifestyle Newborn photographer and love doing these type of shoots. It takes place in the comfort of your own house and it is usually only 60 minutes long. Lifestyle shoots are more documentary style / candid moments with little posing. I don’t use any wraps or props with this kind of shoot. Natural light is very important with this shoot. I usually shoot in a room / rooms with the best natural light. If you feel that your house is not suitable for this, don’t worry, we can rent a natural light studio.

Here are a few type of photos I try to capture during a lifestyle newborn shoot:
  1. The whole family together (I usually start with these shots, especially if there are young siblings)
  2. Family shots with pets (this is super special. Just remember to bath your pet the day before the shoot)
  3. Sibling shots
  4. Mom and dad with newborn
  5. Newborn and mom alone
  6. Mom, sibling (s) and newborn
  7. Newborn and dad alone
  8. Dad, sibling (s) and newborn
  9. Newborn alone
  10. Detail shots of newborn (their tiny toes, hands, feet, nose, ears, hair and lips)

Clothing, makeup and hair plays a big role to ensure beautiful lifestyle photos. I usually suggest to wear light colour clothes (white, beige or soft pastels) for a lifestyle shoot. Professional makeup is a must with these shoots as I shoot very close-up with these sessions. I do have a few makeup artists I usually work with and whom I can highly recommend.

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