Pretoria Family Photographers

Swanepoel Family

Being one of Pretoria’s family photographers has many perks. There are a big variety of locations we can choose from.  Rosemary Hill is one of my favourite venues. It is an organic farm situated on the Eastern outskirts of Pretoria. The farm has a venue fee to shoot there, but it is totally worth it. I love the fact that it is safe and I can shoot without looking over my shoulder the whole time. The farm has the option to book horses at an additional cost as well. We decided to use a horse on the shoot and it was so special.

The greenhouse is a gem on the farm  and it is usually my first go-to spot. After that, we explore the farm and end the session in one of the many beautiful open fields with the golden late afternoon light.

I have a toddler and he/she is SUPER busy. I really want family photos, but what if he/she doesn’t cooperate the day of the shoot? When is the best time to book a shoot?

Family shoots are so important and I highly suggest to do it yearly. Yes, it can be challenging with toddlers, but you will adore those images regardless. I have a lot of patience and toddlers don’t scare me =) I always try to give guidance to get natural looking images.  Remember, your kids are just kids. They do have moods and if they do have a meltdown, it will probably be the day of the shoot (Murphy’s law). Please relax and let’s just document the precious moments.  Even if your toddler is having the worst day ever and we don’t get even one smile, you will still treasure those memories.

Tip: No one is happy when they’re hungry. Have snacks and water on hand just in case (and for bribes!)

Here are a few points that are important for a shoot:
  1. Clothes (the right colour scheme for the chosen location)
  2. Location (I have a list of locations that we can choose from)
  3. Makeup and hair (even if you are not the “makeup type”, I still highly suggest you make use of a professional).

For this shoot we decided on a family-friendly location and a farm like look and feel. The kids loved it, as they can run around when we are not shooting and just enjoy the outdoors =)