George Lifestyle Photographer

Apostolellis Family

I am a lifestyle photographer in George, Garden Route.  Lifestyle newborn shoots are very different from styled and fine art shoots. With a lifestyle newborn session I don’t style and pose the baby in any wraps and props. If you do have a nice swaddle blanket, we will most definitely use it, but I don’t bring props along to the shoot. It is a more relaxed type of shoot that takes place in the comfort of your own house. This shoot includes the whole family. The most important thing with a lifestyle newborn shoot is good natural light. I usually choose a room where there is enough and good light coming through.

Lifestyle shoots are more documentary style and I tend to take more candid photos than posed images. I do give guidance during the shoot, but I leave a lot of room for spontaneous moments.  This type of shoot is a good option if you have a busy toddler in the house. They can play in their own environment / room while I take lifestyle photos of the newborn. I usually call the sibling for a few shots and let them play for a while before I continue. If your toddler is busy, try to relax.. with a bit of patience, we will get a shot or two. They are just kids and adapting to a new baby in the house can be quite hard for them as well.

Typical lifestyle shots include:

  1. Newborn alone on a bed
  2. Detail shots of the newborn’s little feet, hands, nose, mouth, hair
  3. Newborn with sibling(s)
  4. The whole family
  5. Newborn with parents
  6. Dad alone with newborn
  7. Mom alone with newborn
  8. Newborn with house pet (please remember to wash your dog / pet the day before)
  9. Whole family with pet(s) included

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