Garden Route Family Photographer

de Sousa Family

I just love to be a Garden Route Family Photographer and love December months. Families get together and it is the perfect time for a yearly photoshoot. The Garden Route has many beaches to choose from. Some are just betten than others with high and low tide. Of course we are not limited to only beach sessions. The Garden Route offers a variety of locations such as forest, Karoo, cliffs, farms, Montague Pass, lagoons etc.

If you have have kids/toddlers, remember an afternoon nap is a must =) It is also a good idea to bring a cooler box with some soft drinks and snacks with. Sunset is only around 8pm during the festive season, so the photoshoot is usually an hour and half before sunset. We can unfortunately not shoot earlier (except if it is cloudy), because the light is too harsh during the day. It is best to wait for that golden, late afternoon light. We can however shoot with sunrise, but that means we will have to be on location at 5am =)  The weather in the Garden Route is very unpredictable. Please remember to keep the afternoon open as we might have to shoot earlier or change the location if the weather changes.

This family was such a treat to photograph. The wind was super strong and it was so cold, but nothing stopped us from having fun. We were blessed to have the most beautiful clouds at the end of the session. It made the most beautiful backdrop!

Just like any other job, preparation for a shoot is very important to ensure that the final product is wow. I always try to prep and help my clients to the best of my ability with the right suppliers for our photo session.

Here are a few things that are important for a shoot:
  1. Clothes (the right colour scheme for the chosen location)
  2. Location (I have a list of locations that we can choose from)
  3. Makeup and hair (even if you are not the “makeup type”, I still highly suggest you make use of a professional).

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